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Growing complexity of today’s applications and the cost of failure and downtime elevate the application testing to a new look. The ability to test and validate critical applications is vital to helping organizations operate effectively.  The pressure to deliver high-quality application, shrinking budget/time for development, geographically distributed organizations, limited resources is posing an ultimate challenge to application testing.

Independent Testing services continue to be a valuable service especially in multi-vendor and offshore scenarios; large, complex assignments across locations and time zones; application with a demand for regulatory compliances.  KBTS combines high quality independent testing, validation, verification, and quality assurance with our user compliance and acceptance testing capabilities.  Our goal is to deliver applications which operate with zero defects and zero outages. You can take advantage of our applications development and testing experience to apply specialized testing to vertical industries involving enterprise applications.

Value Proposition:

  Improve the speed to market of new software products
  Increase quality levels
  Reduce the risk of critical application failures
    Identify and eliminate ambiguity and defects early in the software development life cycle
    End-to-end systems reliability
  Manage risk-based testing approach

KBTS delivers the right mix of onshore and offshore testing, quality assurance to help your business succeed in today’s economy.

Range of Services:

  Unit testing 
  Integration testing
  Regression testing
    Performance testing
    Security testing
    Load testing
    Functional testing
  Migration testing

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