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KBTS is helping companies manage the full range of their information technology needs.  We develop and deploy custom applications and packaged software to streamline and integrate business processes and systems for high performance. We provide solutions to help organizations optimize their IT infrastructures and also turn data into insights. Working with the latest tools and software from industry leaders such as Microsoft, Oracle, SUN, IBM and SAP, we develop and deliver cost-effective, innovative, technology-enabled business solutions.

Organizations both public and private are increasingly relying on packaged or custom software solutions to run their operations efficiently and to act as a foundation for obtaining competitive advantage. However, the critical success factor in using these solutions is how well they complement existing systems and business processes, harnessing synergies to power the organization ahead of the rest.

KBTS believes that the productivity of a final solution is greater than the productivity of all its components put together, provided those components are integrated in the right way.  We therefore see systems integration as the bridge between applications and technologies.  We carefully understand how the business processes work and then the capabilities the underlying IT systems must deliver to enable them. Once we understand the role of a new business solution in terms of the overall business and its goals, we consider how to integrate it into the technology architecture. Our goal it to create an organization equipped to pursue high performance successfully.

Range of Services:

  Web enabling existing applications
  Integrating applications
  Application consolidation
  Application migration
    Interfacing with other applications

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