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KBTS' creative team for business and software continually strives to bring out top quality and comprehensive software products that are intelligent and make processes easy to handle.  With our wide range of expertise in vertical markets, we have developed software products to help our customers in these market segments.

Our suite of products in the healthcare industry :

  is a patient care system designed for rehabilitation centers.  This is a practice management system with a niche for the Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation (TBI) and behavioral health treatments.
  Home healthcare is gaining momentum with the aging baby boomers. is a comprehensive software tool targeted at mobile healthcare professionals specializing in home healthcare.  This software takes effective use of some of the Medicare policies and patient benefits.
  is the EDI Compatible Medical Billing and claims processing software which handles the complete billing for a physician's office or a healthcare facility.

Our products for the other industries :

  is a unique and premium product brought out to simplify the logistics of material management.
  is a comprehensive time capturing system that accounts for the time reported by the employees of an organization. 

All these products are cost effective and sophisticated software solutions to meet the customer requirements.

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