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Patient Care System (PACAR) is a web based application designed for rehabilitation centers.  This is a practice management system with a niche for the Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation (TBI) and behavioral health treatments.  However, the application is customizable and caters to all types of services required for the patient in a healthcare facility.  

Highlights of the functional areas :

  Patient enrollment
  Scheduling and counseling
  Claims processing focused on Auto Insurance companies
    Workflow geared for the treatment of multi-diagnosed individuals (addiction, substance abuse, psychiatric disorders, behavioral health)
    Case management reviews
  Track clinical notes
  Treatment Reviews
  Residential staff notes
  Financial management
  Payroll and employee time management

The application uses a collaborative approach to help healthcare professionals, administrators, HR teams, financial and planning teams and patients to share information in a secure environment.  The information is available to authorized individuals based on their assigned roles and responsibilities.

The application is completely user friendly and intuitive. Some of the available functions are: patient self check in, check for the doctor's availability, patient scheduling for a group or individual counseling, tracking clinical notes either by group or individual, residential staff notes, incident reporting, patient discharge, moving patients between locations, case management, financial management, payroll and employee time management.  The administrators can use the comprehensive reporting features as a business intelligence tool to improve patient care.

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