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Material Handling System (MAHAS) is a powerful and intelligent web based application for the automation of material movement in a supply chain.

The application is suitable for organizations having several sales outlets all of which maintain stock in their warehouses.  In all such situations, there will be a central warehouse, which ultimately locates the shortage item and arranges for the speedy delivery of the same to the required place. The application consists of four functional modules. Sales Order Processing, Central Stores, Material Issue Request and Stock Transfer.

The various sales outlets book orders for items that are supplied through the chain. Some of the items may be readily available in the stores while some others may have to be procured from either the other store and / or through the central store.  The customer is allowed to pick up the items across the counter or make reservation for items, which are partially available and demand delivery of the complete list at one stroke.  The Store, which is running short of stock of a particular item, communicates the shortage to the central store. The central store locates the availability of stock of the shortage item from amongst the several other stores, and arranges for the dispatch of the same to the store which needs the stock.

The movement of the items is organized through authorized transport agents. The identification of a proper agent for transport and the updating of the stock at all the concerned stores are also handled through the system. In case, enough stock is not available anywhere in the whole chain, an indent is raised for the item by the central store to be processed by the Purchase Department.

Apart from regular sales, the individual stores can also put Material Issue Requests to the central store. This is primarily a process of updating their local stock and keeping themselves ready for effective workflow. While speed is the criteria for making the stock available at every store in the chain, the system also ensures that the costs involved in the movement of material are optimized.

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