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Clinical activities are at the core of every practice, so you’d expect electronic medical records to be the most important tool in a physician’s medical kit. Even if the benefits were limited to just letting doctors work more efficiently and see more patients, without compromising the quality of care, the value of EMR would be unquestionable. EDI Compatible Health Records (E-COHR) is a web-based application for recording and maintaining Patient Records electronically.

Summary of Features :
  Many advanced features not found at this price
  EHR that is easy to learn and use in days not weeks or months
  Real-Time support via phone and web, no waiting in a queue or call-backs!
    Web-based and so very efficient for rounds, nursing homes, multi-locations, etc.
  Reduce the time it takes to create structured clinical notes and narrative reports by 50%
  Completely personalized to your practice to ensure quick adoption and fast ROI
  Access to Certified Professional Coders for coding, documentation, and billing expertise
  Company has been in business over 12 years & financially secure
  Unlimited training and technical support
    Web-based and so PC and MAC Compatible
    Data centers up and running 24/7 with full security and IT staff
  Automatic system backups and updates
  Software suite meets current criteria for Meaningful Use of EMR
  Low cost for start-up, no need to buy hardware & software
  Tailor made for the specific requirements of each practice
    Manages complex employer protocols and billing data
    Can be integrated with any PMS as a complete solution in end-end billing & electronic claims

Through systematic use of Industry-standard security procedures, the application makes sure that only authorized persons have access to the system. All authorized users are given a User ID and a password with different access levels. For ease of operation, context based help facility is provided in the application.

Customization of E-COHR
E-COHR is a web-based product that can be further customized to meet your healthcare needs, irrespective of the size of the organization or the type of data being accessed. Scalability and modularity enables E-COHR to grow with the organization and facilitate making necessary changes quickly. KBTS will work closely with the key personnel at your organization to customize this product to your requirements.

E-COHR is approved for Meaningful Use

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