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During the last several years, KBTS has helped numerous Global 1000 customers stay ahead of their competition in the technology evolution. The following characteristics highlight our business practices:

Leadership: KBTS has a leadership with experience that spans the past – knowing the complexity of legacy systems; present – having the framework, processes and resources to design new applications; and future – willing to take the challenges of the business dynamics.

Integrity: Our professional integrity, collaborative approach and strong track record of bringing expertise and value to every job help us in building long lasting relationships with our customers.

Flexibility: Our customers appreciate the flexibility in our operations to provide services by scope, breadth of applications, depth of expertise, delivery model or type of engagement.

Quality: We provide quality solutions at a competitive price.  Our clients recognize our ability to satisfy  the most demanding  requirements. Our relationship  with our  customers as a Preferred Supplier, Tier-1, Supplier and Master Vendor is a clear evidence of this recognition.

Commitment: Our employees and consultants team up with our customers to create solutions for the challenges our customers face each day.  Every individual representing KBTS is committed to doing all they can to serve our customers with a “whatever it takes attitude”.

Technology: We offer a full range of services that support business strategies.  Drawing upon extensive capabilities of our employees and consultants, we leverage industry leading tools and technology to deliver innovative solutions to meet each customer’s current and long-term needs.

Financial stability: KBTS is a profitable, privately owned company with a sound financial history.  Over the past several years, we have grown steadily due to our successful track record.

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