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To be more cost-effective, many organizations are giving high priority to their core business and are outsourcing other business operations.  An outsourced project allows the customer to accomplish a complete IT solution with minimum resources and supervision.  Your IT projects could be implemented at your site/s or in-house at KBTS.  As your Information Technology partner we provide a full range of specialized consulting skills backed by our suite of proven methodologies.  We take pride in providing application support after project completion along with updates and any other changes necessary. With strong analytical skills, business logic and management techniques KBTS adds value to our clients.  With the industry knowledge and technical skills we help you cut costs, improve service levels and implement applications faster.

KBTS Application Services can supplement your staff, co-manage applications or completely manage your entire set of applications. Our experience addresses many types of applications - from legacy systems to Web-based and custom applications. In addition, we provide cutting-edge test services that offer a full range of software testing solutions and services to help maintain stability, reduce cost and increase productivity.

We help you create new, custom applications or provide maintenance and support services at any stage of a software lifecycle.  Our customers receive the benefit of successful, high-quality applications without the hassles of learning curves and staffing.

Through our best-of-breed talent, our customers gain access to intellectual capital and best practices while reducing development costs. You can even realize an increase in productivity for application development projects while improving your business performance through the changing demands of your marketplace.

Our deep technical expertise, strong partnerships as well as industry experience makes us uniquely qualified to meet your specific application needs. Furthermore, we have tools, frameworks and reusable code that enable us to accelerate application development in specific environments.

Our 30-day warranty period on all solutions developed ensures that we provide a solution that works for you.

To discover how KBTS can help your organization reach your IT goals, contact us by sending an email to

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