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Software-related problems can really slow down a business and tie up IT staff.  KBTS provides application maintenance and support services that offer:

  24x7 support
  On-site or remote
  Individual problem fixes
  Product usage advice
    Change requests
    Monitoring services

KBTS designs applications with future operational maintenance and ongoing management in mind. Since the majority of application costs are incurred long after the development phase has been completed, our approach results in a lower total cost of ownership.  Out staff, with vast product expertise can help your organization quickly resolve even the most complex software-related problems to keep operations functioning efficiently.  We use a single point of contact to handle all your software support needs – whether your organization uses a single vendor or multi-vendor software.

Value Proposition:

  Reduce operating costs
  Increase efficiency
  Improve availability
  Reduce downtime
  Reduce complexity
  Capitalize on modern technologies
  Access the right skills and expertise when and where you need them
  Ease resource and skills constraints

To discover how KBTS can help your organization reach your IT goals, contact us by sending an email to

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